Our Board

Introducing your 2020 Board of Management


  • Paul Kelly – Chair. Paul has been associated with the Food Council and Food Festival for many years. He brings a wealth of finance experience in the horticulture and pastoral industries.
  • Chris Higham – Vice Chair. Chris and her husband operate Meedo Station. Chris has been very active in value adding the station goat harvest through her business Homestead Hampers
  • Kate Allen – Secretary. Kate is the immediate past Chair and the Council recognize and thank her for the commitment and passion shown during her term. Kate has extensive small business experience
  • Joyce Babun – Joyce is a very experienced horticulture operator and manager of the Loveapple Group in Carnarvon
  • Valerie Shrubb – Val is an ex-offico member and works for Gascoyne Development Commission
  • Nic Cuthbert – Nic is the manager of Carnarvon Growers Association
  • Doriana Mangili – Doriana is the manager of Sweeter Banana Co-operative Inc
  • Peter Cooke – Peter is a consultant in the agri space through his business Agknowledge, which has been working in the Gascoyne since 2008 across many businesses and industries.
  • Phil Bruce – Phil is a former senior officer in WA Fisheries and former CEO Shark Bay Trawl Association.
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